Learn From Experience

Parsons School of Design
Topics: Advertising
Fall 2018

Learn From Experience is a fictional advertising campaign for my Topics: Advertising class at Parsons School of Design, in the Fall 2018 semester.
The fictional ad campaign aims to shed light on the ever decreasing amount of risk in childhood play. With schools getting rid of swing sets and seesaws because they are too “dangerous”, and playgrounds continuously getting more rules and regulations to make them safer, children are being exposed to less reasonable risk taking. As it turns out, children need to learn how to reasonably take risks. Risk on the playground improves children’s physical, social, and cognitive health, as it teaches children their physical and cognitive limits, and is often part of group activities which teach children to work together. Children learn how to take risks, and in doing so learn how to deal with successes and failures, preparing them for real world experiences in their adult lives.
While this is a fictional ad campaign, and far from perfect, it is a topic which I am passionate about, and hope to inspire others to look into.